Trump Trash Bags: Because we need to clean up America

Make a Purchase that Makes a Difference

The Idea: Support the Common Good

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After the Women's March on Washington, a lot of people asked what difference it made. The momentum needed focus, but it needs resources too.  Every march seemed to have the same themes, about respect, about endangered programs about policies that mattered to real people, women, men, children, families. The idea behind this business is to give people a chance to contribute by helping to establish a sustainable operation that provides everyday items for purchase where proceeds can go to a cause that is endangered by this administration. The trash bag is the first product that came to mind, but others did too, especially books. Keep coming back to see what's new.  

In the meantime, make sure that you and your neighbors brighten the neighborhood with big, fat, orange trash bags that will get people talking about how we need to fix things in America.  Buy some for yourself, but offer some to them too.  We all have to work together to make America what it should be. Click on the 'Buy Now" tab above to get yours now or check out our book recommendations at the end of our Trash Talk Communiqués.

Our Plan

The idea behind this company is to produce revenue as a self-sustaining, for-profit company where proceeds can be used for supporting social justice, advocating for change by providing issue education, civic engagement and any other purpose or activity in which a "corporate person" may engage. As a non-profit, we would be limited in our activities and subject to undue limitations. As a for-profit, we are not prohibited in any meaningful way in providing resources to the causes that matter. We have complete control over where the money goes. Our communiqués provide additional resources as the resistance takes shape. Once we become able to provide financial support to good causes,  a monthly account be made of where we stand in producing donations and developing those linkages to causes. 

To do this we will promote products that everyone uses, but the purchase have more meaning.  Our signature is a big orange trash bag, which adds a message as well as having utility. This is just the first attempt at building a sustainable source of revenues for programs that are desperately needed in this current climate.  If you make a purchase, that's great. If you sign up to receive notifications about blog updates, you will receive additional information about books, articles, and other tools for civic engagement and democratic control. If this works, and additional employees are added, it will become an employee owned company.

In the future, we may send you surveys for advice on how we can expand and do a better job of this.  Send an email to with 'Recommendation' in the subject.  We would like to hear from you.

Remember that the choice is yours (at the moment).