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Defy Tyranny

The historian, Timothy Snyder, has written two very important books for people who are concerned about the direction that the country is going. We recommend On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons for the Twentieth Century, and The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America.
The parallels between our current situation and those that gave rise to the authoritarian movements of the 1930s. We need to understand these dangers with more specificity than the media has been able or willing to provide. There are specific actions that can be taken to limit the impact of negative tendencies in our society. We can keep our country from falling any further, but we need to act now.

Vote on November 6. Take a friend. Take two.


A Recurring Nightmare: Kleptocrats Making Deals

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Remember that Tariffs are Taxes for the Little People

The consequences of the tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans and multinationals have become abundantly clear. The investments that were supposed to occur turned into stock buybacks and increasing inequality for people seeking to partake of the growth in stock values.

The trade wars are fueled by tariffs, which are actually taxes, but not just any taxes, these are highly specific taxes to favor certain interests and to punish other interest, solely at the discretion of the administration and its donors. Coal wins, steel wins, but more people lose, even many of the people who supported the candidate in the Midwest. There is no strategy, only transactions, deals, and payoffs for very specific people and companies. This is not merely an abuse of power, it is a means to maintain power for a very small group of insiders.

All of this was perfectly predictable, easily anticipated. Americans need to be better educated about the economic reality. There are several good sources that offer thoughtful, accessible explanations of how economics work and what alternative policies could produce. One of the key issues is the kind of self-dealing that has become the hallmark of the current administration. An informed public could build support for reforming the political system, and that would require a deeper understanding of how the system is broken. Below are several websites worth closer inspection in that direction.  Please share the items you discover with people you know.

Center for Public Integrity

Evonomics: The Next Evolution of Economics


Gin and Tacos

Book Recommendations

Cleanup on Aisle 45: Building a Better Politics & Government

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Perfection is not Possible, But Something Better Is

Political change is difficult. The famous sociologist Max Weber called politics "a slow boring of hard boards."  The organized, persistent, courageous, and inspired are often the ones who make chages. Many people have to work together to make things happen, to make improvements. Naysayers who like the status quo will always have some advantage. Things did not get this way by accident, nor do they stay this way by accident. People are invested in the status quo, until it doesn't work for them anymore. That's when the challenge of politics becomes relevant.

Where Do We Start?

Challenging the status quo is hard, but every benefit we have, every bit of the common good, comes from people acting together to make it so.  Reasonable people, who are willing to reassess their political commitments based on the realities of policy consequences, human values, and the common good are willing to make changes in what policies and candidates that they will support. While some people commit fully to identity politics to the exclusion of everything else, we need to understand that policies will impact everyone unless we allow ourselves to be governed by the selective logic of identity, of exclusiveness instead of inclusiveness.  While we may have different interests, they cannot form a coherent form of government. Policies that are inclusive and support the common good, in our common life together, requires that we inspect the ways that we can find political support. One place to start, but not the only place, are polls that consider potential agenda items. One suce list would be the one compiled by Bruce Bartlett below:

A Popular Democratic Agenda


Our Book Recommendations

The Russian Troll Factory Gets Indicted

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We have known for many months about the Russian troll factories that worked to elect Donald Trump, but we finally know their names and who was running the operation. We also know that many "unwitting" or a we like to say "witless" Americans assisted the Russians in this effort.

Fighting back will be very difficult. Right now, Jared Kushner, a man who cannot pass a top secret security clearance and has dealings with Russians is collecting intelligence reports for who knows what? Is he relaying intelligence to our enemies for profit? Are our agents compromised? We may not find out until it's too late. But we do know a few details from Robert Mueller's indictments of Russian operatives. 

We need to remain vigilant and observant. Americans need to rely on each other to tell the truth, to correct one another honestly and directly and without attacking on another. That is a  difficult task, with issues that are being exploited by the very people we are combating. The book recommendations below should help in that endeavor.



Lies, Incorporated: The World of Post-Truth Politics
By Ari Rabin-Havt, Media Matters for America
On Bullshit
By Harry G. Frankfurt
On Truth
By Harry G. Frankfurt

Rule of Law: Why Civil Service Matters

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Imagine having to prove that you voted for the right party to obtain a driver's license or to collect social security, to have your papers processed in court, or to get a guaranteed loan for a house. What if you had to pay a bribe or a kickback to the office holders?

That's how things operate in banana republics around the world. Supporters get jobs, opponents do not. It's one reason Andrew Jackson holds such a special place in the current White House. That was the man who relished the spoils system of government, of insiders and outsiders, of exclusive access, and lest we forget -slavery.

Those things are not accidental coincidences. They are part and parcel of an authoritarian way of doing things, of seizing control of other people. It is no wonder that the current administration praises dictators and leaders who abuse their people and profit from criminal activity. These are the models for the kind of kleptocracy we are facing today.

The Kremlin is the mode of privatization we are facing, where national parks, federal agencies, and the nation's infrastructure is being eyed for takeover by cronies. That sort of opportunistic dealing would be unthinkable in the past 50 years, but this administration is putting it on the table. We have to fight this. To keep future generations of Americans free from the robber barons of the present, who are trying very hard to serve themselves and their friends to the bounty of hard-working Americans.

Be vigilant, be prepared, be connected to other people. Together we can stop this. But we also need to think of the future and how to prevent it from happening again. We need better anti-corruption laws, and more work on embedding the kind of behaviors we should expect from elected officials, making it harder to do self-dealing.

For this reason, we support the efforts of those who are working on improving our laws to prevent this kind of catastrophe. The National Task Force on the Rule of Law & Democracy
is an excellent endeavor at this critical moment in our nation's history. We fully endorse it's objectives and the methods by which it is seeking to implement them. Please join us in supporting this work. Corruption must end.


Running for Office: Things to Know (with book recommendations)

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It is very exciting to see so many women (and some men) running for office to make America a better place. Running for political office is more complicated than many people realize, but please don't let it deter you. There are many public resources as well as a number of helpful guides and books to ensure that you know how to run a clean campaign, free of Russian interference or funding (Avoid NRA money please.).

First, for federal offices, House, Senate, President, you will need to abide by Federal Election Laws as well as a variety of state laws for getting on the ballot in the jurisdiction(s) in which you are interested in holding office. The Federal Election Commission provides information for potential candidates. Check with the Secretary of State's Office in your state regarding the state laws, filing and reporting requirements for your state.

Second. choose the right people for your campaign. Among the most important issues that you will face is hiring a competent campaign manager and treasurer. You may want to consult you local Bar Association for a list of attorneys who can assist in preparing the myriad reports that you may need to file. Competence matters. For a treasurer, you may want to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to ensure that your finances are handled according to law. Again, seek recommendations from local accountants and state boards of public accountancy.  Be sure to check references. Always call and follow up on the references provided. Ask whether each of them would hire that person again and how they would rate them on a scale of one to ten. Develop questions about how each candidate has performed in the past. It is the best predictor of the future. See the book recommendation below. Who, by Geoff Smart and Randy Street is a fantastic book, which is listed at the very bottom of this post.

Do not hire the first person you find. Compare at least three candidates for these positions. We recommend that you include other people in the interviews to get their opinions as well. Make sure that they use the same standards that you are using. Plan the interviews together and make your decision about who to hire together. You will continue to need people to advise you.

Finally, be very selective about who you listen to, who you hire, and what their qualifications and knowledge really is. Avoid people who just want to hang around. Look for people who share a passion for making the country a better place to live. Selecting people around you will be the most important part of serving the public in the best possible way. If you think that you know everything you need to know. please do not run for public office. We need people who are wise enough to know that they do not know everything. If that is you, and you have the good of the broader community in mind, we need you now.

Book Recommendations:

By Geoff Smart, Randy Street

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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There is almost nothing to say about Dr. King's message or legacy that has not already been said, but on this day, we need to remember how important it is to continue to fight for justice, to fight for the oppressed, to recommit ourselves to the struggle for equality.

Here are some very good educational resources:

The National Civil Rights Museum (Memphis, Tennessee)

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Alabama)

The National Voting Rights Museum and Institute (Selma, Alabama)



Fire and Fury: Signifying Nothing We Didn't Already Know

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We now know that the obvious is true. The administration is a poorly built house of cards, smoke and mirrors, cheap Chinese ties, and phony claims of grandeur. By any measure, popularity, national prestige, number of countries willing to follow our lead, we have experienced a disaster of massive proportions. A small percentage of the electorate was duped into voting for a con artist and America's most absurd institutional weakness allowed the Electoral College to give an incompetent, lazy, billionaire the keys to the White House.

It should never have happened, but it did. Now, all the world can see what a fool we have in office. As the editorial by Klaus Brinkbäumer, 19 May 2017, in Der Spiegel noted:

"Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States.

He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it.

He doesn't read.

He doesn't bother to peruse important files and intelligence reports and knows little about the issues that he has identified as his priorities.

His decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees.

He is a man free of morals.

As has been demonstrated hundreds of times, he is a liar, a racist and a cheat.

I feel ashamed to use these words, as sharp and loud as they are.

But if they apply to anyone, they apply to Trump.

And one of the media's tasks is to continue telling things as they are: Trump has to be removed from the White House.

Quickly. He is a danger to the world."

For details, read Fire and Fury, on sale now, and available on Kindle:

Depravity is no Obstacle: Loyalty Requires It

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The Test for Alabama is the test Our System Failed in 2016

On December 12, Alabamians will decide the fate of the state's reputation, its moral legacy for the coming generation of residents. It is a fate that can be promising, or it can reinforce the depravity of the current administration, led by a man whose campaign survived this revealing confession (printed in the New York Times):

Trump: I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it.

Unknown: Whoa.

Trump: I did try and fuck her. She was married.

Unknown: That’s huge news.

Trump: No, no, Nancy. No, this was [unintelligible] — and I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping.

She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.” I took her out furniture —

I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.


Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

Despite the fact that a majority of voters rejected Trump at the polls, but due to the quirks inherent in the distorting allocation of votes in the Electoral College, Trump was able to squeak by with less than three million votes than his principal opponent. These flaws in our electoral system were exploited to our great disadvantage, but there were deeper flaws being exploited in our culture as well.

In a normal process, a quote like the one above would have been disqualifying, and there is ample evidence that many people in the Republican Party believed that it was. Nevertheless, Trump continued to hold the nomination, and garnered enough votes in key areas to prevail in the Electoral College. Since taking office, the administration has been relentlessly attacking every institution, organization, and policy that protects America's most vulnerable people while promoting policies that would enrich its own donors and high officials, much like the banana republics so common in high poverty countries, where human lives are easily discarded or bartered for political power. Our national treasures and the protection of our liberties are being sold away as well.

Experts on authoritarian regimes are not surprised. These patterns are typical of the kind of behaviors that occur frequently in countries where there has been economic and social collapse. The Great Recession damaged confidence in our institutions, but it also revived fears that produce ripe opportunities for scapegoating other people, conditions ripe for tribalism, jingoistic nationalism, and xenophobia, all things that provide fertile ground for demagogues.

The divisive, outrageous behavior and rhetoric is designed to divide the population, mobilize supporters, and provide a public test of loyalty. The more depraved and morally damaging that the behavior and rhetoric become, the more degraded supporters become and the more willing they are to accept more outrages. Standing by their peers, and being loyal to one another, can easily take precedent over all other considerations, including basic standards of decency.

For those of us who have not been compromised by an overwhelming sense of loyalty to peers, we need to consider what matters more, our humanity or our loyalty? Where do we draw the line? At what point do we say enough?


The Anatomy of Fascism
By Robert O. Paxton

The Great Theft: Net Neutrality Means Survival for Americans

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Ending Net Neutrality is Theft - Control is Ownership

The Internet is one of the most important inventions in American history. It is our national treasure, a great highway of information available to anyone who connects, available to all in public libraries.  What is the value of the Internet? How is it possible for the control of all that value to be transferred to a very few hands? Just give it to them to control. Make no mistake, this is a giant heist of massive proportions. Our entire economy is now dependent on the Internet. That is what is at stake in this moment.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering reversing the principle of open, equal access to information in the United States. Reversing this rule would allow large Internet providers to determine which websites and services are available at what speeds to Americans.

The potential for private corporate interests to decide what Americans have access to see, to witness, to communicate is a huge threat. It is also a power grab of astonishing proportions. Control of information, information created by other people, is a form of theft and should not be tolerated by a free people. This arbitrary exercise of raw power must be resisted.

Write to the FCC to tell them that you want the freedom to see everything, without those choices being mediated by corporate gatekeepers.

Please email the commissioners:

Ajit Pai, Chairman

Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner

Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner

Brendan Carr, Commissioner

Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner

Comment on the FCC website to save net neutrality (proceedings 17-108)

Fight for your future America!

Why the Truth Matters: We Need the Power to Tell It

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Harry Frankfurt wrote this in his book, On Truth:

"We really cannot live without truth. We need truth not only in order to understand how to live well, but in order to know how to survive at all."

Other writers, like Bruce Bartlett, are pleading with their fellow citizens, to pay attention to facts, to the specifics of our current affairs. In his new book, The Truth Matters, Bartlett explains,

"One problem every reader has these days is figuring out who to trust as an analyst or news source. It sometimes seems as if everyone is compromised, saying what is in their own economic interest or whatever suits their partisan point of view at that particular moment. Cable television is very much at fault here because it pretends that there are only two points of view on any given subject, and it seldom subjects its talking heads to much in the way of vetting."

Part of knowing the truth is knowing how reliable a source of information is. We count on people who are experts on the weather to tell us when we should expect extreme weather, rain, excessive heat, floods. There is a practical necessity to knowing who to trust. This connection seems to have been lost in politics. It has become fashionable to doubt reliable people, to ignore people who do their best to be accurate reporters of information, of data.

Information is less expensive than ever before to obtain in vast quantities. In some ways that is unfortunate, because it may have devalued the quality of information. It's too easy. And the cost of dismissing high-quality information and replacing it with dubious information may not be realized for years, when the opinions and attitudes formed from those mistakes come to fruition, when it is too late.

Older Americans know more about the costs of accepting lies, about wars that were not winnable, about drugs that caused birth defects, about pollution that made people sick, about tobacco and lung cancer. Younger Americans see a constant stream of contradictions, including refutations of the truth we knew about the lies we were told in the past. In the midst of these disputes about what is real, we are now in a social revolution with regard to sexual abuse, with bizarre claims being made about justifications, accusations, and behaviors that should not be entertained or tolerated.

Unfortunately, being able to express the truth is also a matter of social, economic, and political power. It is something we need to protect, for everyone. If we do not make an effort to protect the truth, and those who tell it, our civilization might not survive.

Recommended Reading:

On Truth
By Harry G. Frankfurt

Puerto Ricans are Americans

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The president of Puerto Rico seems incoherent, irrational, and emotionally unstable. He also doesn't know who that is. Yes, we are in the most dire leadership circumstances in our nation's history. 

We are being led by a man personally advised by well-known white supremacists. There is no pretense to be had about this. Plausible deniability has turned into willful ignorance.  Despite these readily apparent issues, which are eloquently written and discussed among rational people, there is far less discussion about what to do about it. Appeals tend to rely on pleas to the cabinet to act using the 25th Amendment, or calls for impeachment by the president's own party. These are unlikely avenues for repairing the damage being done.  Instead, Americans need to look to themselves. They need to be educated and trained to defend themselves against dictatorial leaders. Institutions and legal structures are not enough.

The norms that keep us safe are not matters that can be left to politicians. Even as we deal with gun violence and threats of war, our safety depends on more than formal agreements and Constitutional declarations. What keeps us safe and what puts us in danger, are mirror images of a society that understands what is good, what is honorable, decent, and fair.  When we stray from those norms, we invite trouble.  No claim to a right can withstand a culture where a privileged few can run amok without restraint. We need to understand that, make it part of our identity in the same way that we often claim membership in our religions. The civic virtues cannot be ignored or allowed to deteriorate.

Those virtues require us to think, to understand the dangers of rash decisions, of emotions, of impulses that would lead to even more trouble if they are unleashed. We need maturity, character, and reflection in our leaders. We need to understand the problems with self-interest, with a lack of understanding about the common good, communities, and practices that allow us to live our lives the best way we can, with the support of friends and neighbors.

To that end, we need to educate a new generation of leaders, of followers committed to selecting leaders worthy of being followed. Awareness of our history, an honest perspective on our culture, the values that we hold dear, and the circumstances of our people are necessary for the formation of such a citizenry. This means that we must put the bar higher, work harder, and lift our aspirations for our country in ways that we seem to have forgotten. One of those things is that our country works best when we recognize that we are all Americans and deserve to be treated as fellow Americans, even in Puerto Rico.

These books provide a glimpse of what such a citizenry might be like and the things we need to fix:

Buy some Trashbags for Houston

Talking Trash

The compassion of everyday Americans is limitless, but we are being attacked. From the dismissal of the suffering of the people in Houston, to the elimination of protections for children who know no other country, this administration is attacking the foundations of our society.  We cannot allow ourselves to be deluded by appearances or rhetoric. We are in danger.

We need to help those in need and support the people who are doing good work. Many private companies are pitching in to help Houston. Others are standing up to discrimination. We need to seek them out and support them. Some people hesitate to give to nonprofits they do not know or have trouble trusting those that they do. Use to learn about them.

Our little bit here is to provide some symbolic supplies, to make people think about these humanitarian disasters. 

Buy Some Trashbags for Houston and send them to a church for distribution

Our Daughters Deserve Better: We Owe them More

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The tragedy in Charlottesville was the predictable result of our president encouraging the radical right, a band of white males whose sense of entitlement and racist attitudes and hatred of other people has been nurtured by a poisonous political party intent on wielding total control. There is no excuse for what happened in Charlottesville, a crime committed by Nazis and white supremacists. There is also no excuse for creating circumstances in which white supremacists and Nazis feel comfortable enough to march into an American city and threaten people. These same racists were instrumental in assisting the rise of a leaders who is trying to strip our daughters of healthcare, of access to educational opportunities, and other benefit that have resulted from decades of struggle. Allowing them to be subverted by these perverts needs to stop. Making that happen may mean that we need to step up, to make an effort to resist at times and places where people have turned a blind eye to these events. We may need to make influential people uncomfortable.

Polite People Gassed Millions of other People

We need to understand who we are dealing with. According to Vanity Fair, Stephen Millerdescribed himself this way: “I will say and I will do things that no one else in their right mind would do,” he admitted in a 2002 speech to his Santa Monica High School classmates. In the same speech, to a chorus of boos, he said, “Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”

This is a man who was mentored by Richard Spencer at Duke University, and has worked for Michele Bachmann, Jeff Sessions, and now Steve Bannon and Donald J. Trump. It no accident that the most virulent, most malignant policies have emanated from his vicinity. These are the men who believe that they should determine the policies for our daughters, who think that they own the world and should decide how our daughters will live. 

These men are led by a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women, yet his favor is sought by every Republican candidate. These are people who frequent country clubs, attend galas for charities, and sponsor internships for young people. These are the same people who need to be uncomfortable with the way things are going. The challenge for all of us is to figure out how to apply the appropriate social and political sanctions on people who feel compelled to do the same to our daughters, when they are not supporting those who would run them down with a car.

Recommended Readings & Current Events (And #sheetcake t-shirt):

Vanity Fair
By Condé Nast
The Atlantic
Atlantic Monthly

Rock the Boat & Get in the Way

Talking Trash

Self-Censorship: Timidity is the Danger

While extremists are taking over, our institutional structures appear unable to prevent the destruction of decades of work to provide social, economic, and environmental protection for Americans. The can only happen if we are silent, if we don't complain, we go along, and hope for the best.

That's not likely to happen. The pressure to conform, the pressure to appear one of the crowd, and to be socially appealing makes the problem worse. Like high schools students wanting to fit in, adults who should know better are sitting silent, pretending that what they see is normal. That has to stop.

While it's true that we need people who can see beyond their own tribal commitments, who can weigh options, and think through the consequences of political choices, we also need people who are willing and able to challenge a system of selection that limits choices in such a way that potential solutions are taken off the table. That means challenging other people to think, to consider alternatives, to take a look at more than one source of information, and to question information, but not merely to dismiss it, but to determine what the truth really is. That takes effort, it takes courage.

We need to set an example for our children, our grandchildren, and the people who depend on us for their well-being. We need to rock the boat. Get in the way.

Recommended readings:

Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement
By John Lewis, Michael D'Orso

Investigations Are Good, Actions are Better

Mission, IssuesTalking Trash

Robert Mueller is a real investigator with a solid reputation and a track record to match. We should all be encouraged by his appearance at this stage. But investigations will not solve the problems unless we have other officials who are willing to act.

At this point, there is little doubt that the administration is incompetent, misinformed, uneducated, and misdirected by self-interests, business opportunities, and other self-serving distractions. Responsible men and women have to be vigilant and careful to do what they can to curtail the mendacity bearing down on America, vigilant to spot the damage being done, and careful to avoid being targeted by operatives out to destroy the protections that Americans have enjoyed for decades. We need to protect ourselves from the kleptocracy and the plutocrats who are intent on eliminating our ability to keep our environment clean, our workforce productive, and our children well-educated and healthy. These are not trifling matters. They are essential to a way of life that we need to defend and improve.

To defend ourselves, we need good public servants, like Robert Mueller, and we need to exercise the powers that we have inherent in our own citizenship. We must become good stewards of our country's ideals and promises. For that, we need to remind ourselves of what those ideals are, what promises we have made to one another, and what kind of country we want our children to inherit. The models of Russia and Turkey are not what we should aspire to become. We are better than that, and we deserve better than that.

We need to articulate that vision for the election in 2018, so that the people we choose to lead us forward understand it and will pursue it.

When we look at the struggles people have had to make America what it is, we have to remind ourselves of the sacrifices and dedication it took for us to enjoy the benefits of their labors. Our generation must draw inspiration from that to keep us on the right path, so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Recommended Reading

JFK: A Vision for America
By Stephen Kennedy Smith, Douglas Brinkley

Consistently Bad: Kleptocracy Will Steal Everything

Mission, Issues, Strategy & TacticsTalking Trash

With the second attempt to attack American healthcare well under way, we need to focus on the immediate threat, while looking at the next chance we have to prevent disaster and reverse this appalling administration.

Over the past month, we have seen clearly the profiteering among Congressional members and of the paid and unpaid White House staff. Admissions of loans from Russians have been documented, while the Kushners touted the purchase of visas, supposedly approved by the president himself.  We can do better.

Congressional leaders are resorting to the most ridiculous lies to promote their interests. Under this administration, there seems to be no shame in the most openly corrupt policies, regardless of the damage that they can do to the population. Again, this pattern of bad behavior is not a theoretical mystery.  It is a consistent feature of small coalition politics, where those holding power do with very few insiders and hold power by the thinnest of margins. In the long run, these narrow interests sap economic prosperity by keeping profits high and wages low. It is a recipe for economic decline. Still, the game is not over.  We can win against the oligarchs. Read about how to fight it below:

Marching Against an Avalanche of Bad Policies

Issues, MissionTalking Trash

This past weekend scientists and their supporters marched in Washington and in cities around America and around the world. Many carried signs that read about how incredulous they were that they felt that they needed to demonstrate in support of science, facts, and evidence-based policies. The current administration is rolling back protections for individuals at an alarming rate, exposing many of the most vulnerable portions of the population to increased environmental, economic, and health risks. These efforts are often led by people who are actively spreading false information and discredited theories.

While there are conspiracy theorists who still believe that we did not land on the moon, they and people like them have rarely been taken seriously. That has changed.

People with no experience in research of any kind have attacked professions who have honed their skills in designing experiments, gathering data, verifying information, and subjecting evidence to rigorous testing and analysis. People holding political power have joined them to serve people and organizations who have an economic interest in distorting research, misrepresenting facts and hiding information that might injure those same interests. This is not a new phenomenon. It was already a well-developed machine.

Large corporations and wealthy individuals have been involved in promoting their ideological and economic interests for decades. Tobacco and chemical industries have fought research that challenged their interest. Several of the books below recount those efforts, some in great detail.

Other Recommendations:

unSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation
By Brooks Jackson, Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Incoherence is not a Strategy, It's a Tool

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Bold Actions Are Not Proposals

More than a dozen journalists praised the Trump administration for its attack on Syria, one that did almost nothing to the capability of the Syrian military to continue to attack civilians. The same Congressmen who opposed President Obama's request to use force, praised Trump's attack, while Trump's own very well documented history of opposing involvement in Syria is mysteriously ignored. If logic fails, it is because the whole story is incoherent. Critics make strong arguments to the attack being an impulsive reaction to a challenge to his masculinity, a smokescreen to divert attention from allegations of Russian interference in the election, or an attempt to garner favor among male voters.  Whatever the motivation, it cannot be explained in terms of a coherent policy toward the Syrian government. Legal arguments aside, the order appears to be a matter of pure fiat.

Understand coherence

A coherent policy would have several defining characteristics. First, it would have a policy goal.  At the moment, no such goal has been articulated. The use of chemical weapons may be a trigger, but no such declaration preceded the attack and the Secretary of State had just declared that the Syrian people would have to deal with the situation there, giving a green light to their oppressor to make that outcome more to Assad's liking. Second, there would be clear expectations for our allies and opponents in the Middle East and elsewhere. Publicly abusing our NATO allies with claims of unjust burdens and celebrating Brexit and denigrating the European Union does not inspire confidence in our allies and trading partners, while it encourages our opponents. Finally, the resources for implementing such policies would include staffing, planning, and international coordination for implementation. The lack of understanding about the basics of running a government is being revealed.  

Clarity, especially in dangerous situations, is the best way to avoid unintended reactions. Having a policy that people understand, both Americans and foreign leaders, will do much to ensure our security. That is the responsibility of a leader. It is also an antidote to 'mission creep,' mistakes, misunderstanding and miscalculation.

Demand coherence

Whatever the opposition does, one thing will be critical: there must be an articulate explanation of the alternative.  Proposals need to be specific and attainable. Support has to be built at the base and the opposition needs to hold itself accountable for maintaining the discipline and focus necessary to implement clear policies, whether in Syria, North Korea, or in trade. We cannot afford an inarticulate, haphazard approach to foreign or domestic policy.

Beware of Incoherence

We have to teach ourselves to see through blather and incoherence and demand clarity and evidence in new ways. Our future and that of our children depends on securing better leadership, with a clear, inclusive vision for all of us. To have coherent policies, we have to find coherent leaders who can articulate policies that are more detailed than slogans or sound bites. Clarity is a matter of accountability and responsibility. Incoherence is a serious problem for a leader and more serious for the people he leads. Character matters. Reputation matters.

When leaders mumble, when they don't articulate a clear vision, when they obfuscate, are evasive and incoherent, they are not being good leaders. The tools of obfuscation include incoherence. Avoiding responsibility is a habit that makes problems worse and the future more uncertain. This is what we are facing now.

Our military is trained to assess their opponents and to consider the risks of engagement. We hope that their advice is heeded and weighed against the cost to Americans and our allies. In dictatorships, the interest of the public and the costs of military failures is borne by people who are treated as expendable and casualty rates reflect that indifference. A coherent policy will recognize these costs and benefits.

For additional information on how bad foreign policies are common to small coalitions like the one we have in place, read these books: