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The Great Theft: Net Neutrality Means Survival for Americans

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Ending Net Neutrality is Theft - Control is Ownership

The Internet is one of the most important inventions in American history. It is our national treasure, a great highway of information available to anyone who connects, available to all in public libraries.  What is the value of the Internet? How is it possible for the control of all that value to be transferred to a very few hands? Just give it to them to control. Make no mistake, this is a giant heist of massive proportions. Our entire economy is now dependent on the Internet. That is what is at stake in this moment.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering reversing the principle of open, equal access to information in the United States. Reversing this rule would allow large Internet providers to determine which websites and services are available at what speeds to Americans.

The potential for private corporate interests to decide what Americans have access to see, to witness, to communicate is a huge threat. It is also a power grab of astonishing proportions. Control of information, information created by other people, is a form of theft and should not be tolerated by a free people. This arbitrary exercise of raw power must be resisted.

Write to the FCC to tell them that you want the freedom to see everything, without those choices being mediated by corporate gatekeepers.

Please email the commissioners:

Ajit Pai, Chairman

Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner

Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner

Brendan Carr, Commissioner

Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner

Comment on the FCC website to save net neutrality (proceedings 17-108)

Fight for your future America!