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Don’t normalize fear, intimidation and self-censorship

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Repeated pleas to accommodate atrocious policies that embody hatred and fear will accompany a milder, reasonable sounding tone. It is critical that we not forget that the policies themselves have not changed. The administration is still intent on focusing on voter suppression and my have a large domestic police force to send into polling places in future elections. The employment of a vast army of immigration police can easily be assigned to "monitor" the voting booths in places where the administration claims that there might be "voter fraud."  These issues need to be mentioned in light of the actions and expressed intentions of the ruling party.  It would be true to the character of the people involved.

Questions should be asked in open town hall meetings, to put lawmakers on notice that we are watching. Control of the political agenda is still up for grabs. That agenda can be defined in part by the questions that are being asked. That is why is is so important not to self-censor, to resist fear and intimidation.

Avoiding self-censorship includes making an issue out of showing papers on internal flights, on harassment by immigration officials that serve no purpose.  Records of travelers can be inspected through the airlines.  There is no reason to interview the son of Muhammad Ali any more than a middle-aged French history professor.  These outrages should not be tolerated and there should be accountability for officials who do these things. Names, titles, and other identification should be made so that they are not as willing to conduct illegal searches and detentions.

Challenging these kinds of abuses requires that we organize to be effective in addressing the practices that are emerging.  The ACLU and other well-established organizations need your support. We have to provide the resources for professionals to engage in resisting actions that are clearly designed to create fear and intimidation.  We need to remember the struggles that provided the freedoms we have enjoyed and the way those freedoms were secured.  The struggle may never stop.  #Resist