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Bullshit: The Glue that Holds the Administration Together

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We're past the point of wonder, past the fairy tales of a pivot, a shift to responsibility. Instead, we are in the grip of an administration that is being advised by an avowed Leninist who seeks the destruction of the federal government with a coterie of bizarre characters with sketchy backgrounds that include Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, corporate shills, and an uncomfortable hodgepodge of party officials and military leaders.  The latter seem to be the most responsible people in the room, and the only ones tethered to reality. The administration's first budget proposal lays bare the reason why it hasn't nominated many vacant positions.

What is more disturbing than the misanthorpic priorities are the justifications for them. Logic defying relationships between means and ends, the dismissal of humanity, the naked greed and the blatant deceptions involved in making the case for this or that policy have rendered the administration immune from critical examination. These are not serious people. They are dangerous people.

By rendering policy into absurdity, by making up bullshit that goes far beyond lies, they have created the kind of reality-show suspension of disbelief in which atrocities can be tolerated, ignored, or denied with relative impunity. It is clear that, up to this point, there are no adults in the competing institutions with sufficient moral fortitude to challenge the emerging status quo. Normalizing the administration is harmful to society. This is not normal. There should be more holding our government together than bullshit.

Beneath the layers of lies, deception, and pure bullshit are thousands of communities that depend in various ways on the lifelines of federal programs, Many of the states dominated by Republicans depend the most one the good graces of government, a fact so widely known by people who follow such things that it seems pointless to repeat the obvious - most of the failed American states are in the South.  This too is no accident.

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