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America is being tested by an administration whose relationship with words is completely utilitarian. Words work or they don't. They have no intrinsic meaning or relationship to any notion of 'the truth.' This behavior is radically at odds with the standards of understanding that decent people generally use. The administration's relationship with the truth is nonexistent. We are faced with the challenge of a political system that does not respect the truth enough to deal with lying, even when it is done in a fashion that violates the laws concerning perjury.  The scale of the problem beyond any we have experienced in American history.

It's sometimes said that the first casualty of war is the truth. Part of that assertion is about maintaining the loyalty of combatants.  Propaganda and harangues are the norm in war. In civil society, we should not be at war. The breakdown of civil society would be of great benefit to our enemies.  Strong ethics and a strong commitment to the truth is the armor we should tend to first, before war becomes the last resort.  The books below explain why the truth should be our first priority in meeting the challenges we face today.

On Truth
By Harry G. Frankfurt
On Bullshit
By Harry G. Frankfurt