Trump Trash Bags: Because we need to clean up America

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There are too many things happening that shouldn't be happening.  It's hard to keep track of everything going wrong right now. Not long ago, we grabbed a list of items that represented the specific complaints we have against the current regime. That Declaration of Resistance could be expanded to include many of the provisions of legislation that has been introduced to replace the Affordable Care Act, but there is also a new immigration ban, and there is new evidence of Russian interference and potential collaboration with the incoming administration, and then there are the shady business deals that may violate the emoluments clause of the Constitution.  Where do we begin?

The first thing we need to realize is that by looking for that starting place, we are recognizing that we are on the right side of history in opposing this administration. We realize that we need to do something, that this administration is dangerously incompetent and bent on the destruction of the environment, our civil liberties, our safety, and our health. We are under attack. Although we have many differences among us, we can see that we are stronger when we work together in this common effort, to make our environment cleaner and our communities safer, more inclusive, better educated, healthier and more respectful of one another.  On this too, we are on the right side of history.

Many of the books listed on these communiqués are about those who came before us. They are our ancestors, and we are their descendants, in spirit and in practice. We need to honor them and take the lessons they have to offer us in this time of need. Below is a book about highly effective activists in San Antonio, who were able to effect change in tangible ways by organizing their community. We can learn from their example.