Trump Trash Bags: Because we need to clean up America

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Consistently Bad: Kleptocracy Will Steal Everything

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With the second attempt to attack American healthcare well under way, we need to focus on the immediate threat, while looking at the next chance we have to prevent disaster and reverse this appalling administration.

Over the past month, we have seen clearly the profiteering among Congressional members and of the paid and unpaid White House staff. Admissions of loans from Russians have been documented, while the Kushners touted the purchase of visas, supposedly approved by the president himself.  We can do better.

Congressional leaders are resorting to the most ridiculous lies to promote their interests. Under this administration, there seems to be no shame in the most openly corrupt policies, regardless of the damage that they can do to the population. Again, this pattern of bad behavior is not a theoretical mystery.  It is a consistent feature of small coalition politics, where those holding power do with very few insiders and hold power by the thinnest of margins. In the long run, these narrow interests sap economic prosperity by keeping profits high and wages low. It is a recipe for economic decline. Still, the game is not over.  We can win against the oligarchs. Read about how to fight it below: