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Rock the Boat & Get in the Way

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Self-Censorship: Timidity is the Danger

While extremists are taking over, our institutional structures appear unable to prevent the destruction of decades of work to provide social, economic, and environmental protection for Americans. The can only happen if we are silent, if we don't complain, we go along, and hope for the best.

That's not likely to happen. The pressure to conform, the pressure to appear one of the crowd, and to be socially appealing makes the problem worse. Like high schools students wanting to fit in, adults who should know better are sitting silent, pretending that what they see is normal. That has to stop.

While it's true that we need people who can see beyond their own tribal commitments, who can weigh options, and think through the consequences of political choices, we also need people who are willing and able to challenge a system of selection that limits choices in such a way that potential solutions are taken off the table. That means challenging other people to think, to consider alternatives, to take a look at more than one source of information, and to question information, but not merely to dismiss it, but to determine what the truth really is. That takes effort, it takes courage.

We need to set an example for our children, our grandchildren, and the people who depend on us for their well-being. We need to rock the boat. Get in the way.

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