Trump Trash Bags: Because we need to clean up America

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Buy some Trashbags for Houston

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The compassion of everyday Americans is limitless, but we are being attacked. From the dismissal of the suffering of the people in Houston, to the elimination of protections for children who know no other country, this administration is attacking the foundations of our society.  We cannot allow ourselves to be deluded by appearances or rhetoric. We are in danger.

We need to help those in need and support the people who are doing good work. Many private companies are pitching in to help Houston. Others are standing up to discrimination. We need to seek them out and support them. Some people hesitate to give to nonprofits they do not know or have trouble trusting those that they do. Use to learn about them.

Our little bit here is to provide some symbolic supplies, to make people think about these humanitarian disasters. 

Buy Some Trashbags for Houston and send them to a church for distribution