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Cleanup on Aisle 45: Building a Better Politics & Government

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Perfection is not Possible, But Something Better Is

Political change is difficult. The famous sociologist Max Weber called politics "a slow boring of hard boards."  The organized, persistent, courageous, and inspired are often the ones who make chages. Many people have to work together to make things happen, to make improvements. Naysayers who like the status quo will always have some advantage. Things did not get this way by accident, nor do they stay this way by accident. People are invested in the status quo, until it doesn't work for them anymore. That's when the challenge of politics becomes relevant.

Where Do We Start?

Challenging the status quo is hard, but every benefit we have, every bit of the common good, comes from people acting together to make it so.  Reasonable people, who are willing to reassess their political commitments based on the realities of policy consequences, human values, and the common good are willing to make changes in what policies and candidates that they will support. While some people commit fully to identity politics to the exclusion of everything else, we need to understand that policies will impact everyone unless we allow ourselves to be governed by the selective logic of identity, of exclusiveness instead of inclusiveness.  While we may have different interests, they cannot form a coherent form of government. Policies that are inclusive and support the common good, in our common life together, requires that we inspect the ways that we can find political support. One place to start, but not the only place, are polls that consider potential agenda items. One suce list would be the one compiled by Bruce Bartlett below:

A Popular Democratic Agenda


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